The LifeRing process is strength-based; it works by positive reinforcement of qualities that you already have.
Updated 1/9/17

LifeRing is a network of support groups for people who want to live free of alcohol, illicit and non-medically indicated drugs. We encourage each member to create their own personal recovery program. Our meetings are secular which means we focus on human relationships and individual efforts, in other words, things you can do for yourself and getting support from people and professionals who can help. 

Members of LifeRing achieve sobriety by applying some straightforward suggestions and by practicing common everyday skills. If you want to get and stay clean and sober, you're welcome at LifeRing!

Sacramento LifeRing has meetings everyday, from as far south as Elk Grove and as far east as Roseville down I80 and Placerville down 50. We also do closed meetings at several organizations in the Sacramento area. 


"Three-S" is short-hand for the fundamental principles of LifeRing: Sobriety, Secularity, and Self help

"Sobriety" can mean different things in dictionaries, but in LifeRing it always means abstinence. The basic membership requirement is a desire to remain abstinent from alcohol and "drugs." LifeRing welcomes people regardless of their "drug of choice." Please look elsewhere for support if your intention is to keep drinking or using, but not so much, or to stop drinking but continue using, or stop using but continue drinking. The successful LifeRing participant practices "The Sobriety Priority", meaning that nothing is allowed to interfere with staying abstinent from alcohol and "drugs" The motto is "we do not drink or use no matter what".

LifeRing Recovery welcomes people of all faiths and none. You get to keep whatever religious beliefs you have, and you are under no pressure to acquire any if you don't. Participants' spiritual or religious beliefs or lack thereof remain private. Neither religion nor anti-religion normally come up in meeting discussion. Participants are free to attend both LifeRing and Twelve-Step meetings, but LifeRing supports recovery methods that rely on human efforts rather than divine interventions.

Self-Help in LIfeRing means that the key to Recovery is the individual's own motivation and effort. The main purpose of the group process is to reinforce the individual's own inner strivings to stay clean and sober. LifeRing is a permanent workshop where individuals can build their own Personal Recovery Plans. LifeRing does not prescribe any particular "steps" other than abstinence and is not a vehicle for any particular therapeutic doctrine. LifeRing participation is compatible with a wide variety of abstinence-based therapeutic or counseling programs.