What is LifeRing?

LifeRing is a network of support groups for people who want to live free of alcohol and other addictive drugs.

How does LifeRing work?

LifeRing works through positive social reinforcement. The meeting process empowers the Sober Self within each of us.

What is the LifeRing approach?

The hallmark of a quality treatment program is to match the treatment to the individual. We adopt that same approach in our self-help work. We encourage each participant to work out their own particular path and to use the group process as a workshop for that purpose. We publish a workbook, "Recovery by Choice," as a tool for building one's Personal Recovery Program.

What is the LifeRing meeting format?

Formats vary, but at most meetings the topic is "How Was Your Week?" Each person reports on the highlights and heartaches of their past week and plans ahead for the decisions of the coming week. Conversation ("cross-talk") is encouraged. Personal drinking/drugging histories ("drunkalogues") are discouraged.

How long are the meetings?

All of the Sacramento area meetings (Elk Grove, Folsom, Placerville, Roseville, Sacramento) are one hour.

​Can you verify my attendance (sign my card)?

We routinely verify meeting attendance for Court, Kaiser or other agencies at the end of each meeting. 

Is LifeRing a 12-step program?

No. LifeRing is not a spin-off from AA. LifeRing uses a different approach from the 12-step model.

If I attend LifeRing, can I also go to AA/NA?

Of course. If you want to be sober, you are welcome at LifeRing.

​Does LifeRing have sponsors?

Sponsors in 12-step programs play two main roles: they guide the newcomer through the 12 Step Program and they are available for support between meetings. In LifeRing we each work out personal programs, so there is no real role for a Program guide. We do very much value supportive contacts between meetings, and we circulate phone and email lists at meetings for that purpose. In that sense, all the participants in a meeting sponsor one another.

Do I have to call myself an "alcoholic" or "addict" in LifeRing?

No. Some do, some don't. The effort to stop drinking and using drugs is required. The self-defining labels and the theories behind them are optional.

​Is LifeRing only for alcoholics?

We see alcoholism and drug addiction as basically identical and we welcome people into our meetings regardless of their "drug of choice."

How is LifeRing similar to AA or NA?

We are abstinence-based.
We use group support.
Meetings are confidential.

How is LifeRing different from AA/NA?

We see the power to get clean and sober inside of each person (the "sober self"). You can get clean and sober regardless of your belief or disbelief in a 'higher power.' We welcome people regardless of their 'drug of choice.' We encourage cross-talk in meetings. We each build Personal Recovery Programs tailored to our individual makeup.

Is LifeRing mainly for atheists or agnostics?

No. About 40 per cent of LifeRing participants attend church (or other place of worship) at least once a year. Since the LifeRing recovery process does not rely on a "higher power" or similar concepts, LifeRing participants' religious and/or spiritual beliefs remain private and don't become an issue in the meeting. Neither religious proselytizing nor attacks on religion are permitted in our meetings.

​How successful is LifeRing?

LifeRing is successful for people who find this approach a good fit. If you would like to meet such people, come to a LifeRing meeting.

Is LifeRing a treatment program?

No. LifeRing is a network of support groups. We cooperate with many treatment programs but our group leaders ("convenors") as a rule are ordinary persons in recovery. Most groups meet about an hour each week.

​Does LifeRing cost anything?

No. A basket is usually passed for voluntary contributions to defray expenses, but there is no charge to participate.

​​Where can I find out more information about LifeRing?

Take a look at the rest of this site. Visit one of our meetings, in-person or online. Visit the website LifeRing.org. Sign up for one of our mail groups or join our social networking site. For further reading, go to the LifeRing Press bookstore. You can also contact LifeRing at Harold@lifering.orgservice@lifering.org or phone 1-800-811-4142.
LifeRing Secular Recovery is an abstinence-based network of face-to-face and online support groups for people seeking to reclaim and enjoy life, ending their cycles of alcohol and drug addiction. We encourage individuals to build a personal recovery program based
on these three guiding principles;
Sobriety, Secularity, and Self-help.